Season Begins Sep. 15th, 2024 (Sun)

Registration Ends Jul. 26th, 2024 (Fri)

Reflex Football Battlegrounds, Season 14

Atlanta’s Premier Men’s 7v7 Contact-Flag Football League

We created this league to be anything but a conventional flag football league. This league is for those who want more. We created a better flag experience not just for the flag community, but for all those who are truly passionate about the game and culture of football.

Championship cash prize, 4K film for every game, combine, draft night, pro uniforms…those are just some of perks RFB players enjoy each season. Beyond that, RFB was designed to be the most exciting, competitive, and well presented league to play flag football in the world.

Season Details


Teams 10
Players Per Team 17 (10 Franchise Players, 7 Draft Players)
Regular Season Games 7
Playoff Entry Top 6 Teams
Location Hobgood Park, Woodstock, Ga

Season Schedule


Registration Opens 5/24/2024 FRI
XIII Awards Ceremony 6/15/2024 SAT
Pro Combine Tryouts 6/30/2024 SUN
Pro Camp Tournament 7/21/2024 SUN
Registration Deadline 7/26/2024 FRI
Late Registration Deadline 8/2/2024 FRI
Pro Draft Night 8/10/2024 SAT
Early Bird Team Fee Deadline
& Uniform Fee Deadline
8/16/2024 FRI
Team Fee Deadline 8/30/2024 FRI
Late Team Fee Deadline 9/13/2024 FRI
Week 1 – Week 4 9/15/2024  – 10/6/2024 SUN
League Bye Week 10/13/2024 SUN
Week 5 – Week 7 10/20/2024 – 11/3/2024 SUN
Playoff Gauntlet 11/10/2024 SUN
Premier XIV Championship 11/24/2024 SUN


All information is tentative and subject to change at the league’s discretion. Any major changes will be announced via our discord announcements channel, and be updated on this page to reflect.

Discord Chat

Discord is the official chat app that our league uses for all league and team communication and is mandatory for all players and potential players. This is how you will stay in the loop and receive important announcements and updates, as well as being connected with our entire community of players, team owners, staff, vendors, etc.

Invitation CodeS (Rookies Only)

RFB allows new players only by invitation. All rookies (1st-year RFB players) will need to receive an invitation code from one of our teams in order to register. If you have not been officially invited by one of our teams, please join our discord and request an invitation in the #pro-development channel in our discord. 

Please note that invitations are limited for each team, and will be provided on a first-come first-served basis until spots are full.


Players are invited to our official tryout events throughout the offseason to compete for the opportunity to win prizes and to be drafted unto one of our teams. 

Tryouts are not mandatory, but they are highly recommend for all players entering the draft to increase their likelihood of being selected by one of our teams. Tryouts also provide a great opportunity to meet and network with all our team owners, with league officials, and with other players to gain valuable insight and build your connections within the league.

Draft Night

Only the chosen selected. On draft night, each of the ten teams will select seven players each to complete their rosters for the season. Players will hear their name called, walk up to the stage, put on their team’s draft hat, and officially become a part of that team’s roster.

If you are not drafted, hope is not lost. Teams will often require replacements for players who sustain injuries or are otherwise unable to continue playing, in which case they must pick up from our ‘undrafted pool’ to replace their player. We encourage undrafted players to remain prepared and connected with the league to be the first to take advantage of replacement opportunities that become available.

Draft Player Fees

The following outlines the payment structure for players that are entering the draft.

Draft players will be required to pay a (1.) Season Registration Fee, and, upon being drafted, will then be required to pay their (2.) Uniform Fee and (3.) Team Fee.


1. Season Registration (SR)

(Required by all players to be eligible for draft)

Season registration is required for ALL PLAYERS in order to be eligible to play this year (no exceptions). Even in cases where a team may lose a player mid-season due to injury, they are required to select a registered undrafted player to replace the injured player’s roster spot.


What Does Season Registration Include?

Season registration guarantees the following perks for you:

  • Eligibility To Be Franchised, Drafted, Or Signed As An Undrafted Free Agent
  • Entry to 2024 Pro Combine Tournament w/ 4k Film/Highlights & Photography
  • Free Dry-Fit Combine Shirt (Must attend Pro Combine or Pro Camp to receive)
  • Entry to 2024 Pro Camp Tournament w/ 4k Film/Highlights & Photography
  • Entry to 2024 Pro Draft Night w/ 4k Film Recap & Photography
  • Free Meal Ticket for 2024 Pro Draft Night (Please arrive on time)
  • Entry To All Offseason Pro Development Training Sessions

We recommend all registered players do their best to attend as many off-season events as they can in order to get the most value out of their season registration.


Draft Player Season Registration (SR) Fee

Fee Type (Select One) Ammount Due Due Date
Early Bird SR Fee $40 6/7/2024 (Fri)
Regular SR Fee $50 7/26/2024 (Fri)
Late SR Fee $60 8/2/2024 (Fri)

2. Uniform Fee

(Due only if you are drafted unto a team)

Every player is required to have a Reflex Football Pro Uniform in order to play in all regulation games. Reflex Football has been mandating uniforms for all teams since our inaugural season in 2014. Uniforms are not just a formality for us, but an art in which we are passionate about. We work tirelessly with each of our teams to design a uniform that our players will love and be excited to compete in. It is also our goal each and every year to offer the best fit and construction quality for each uniform to have our players looking, feeling, and performing like Pros.


What Does Uniform Fee Include?

Purchase of an RFB Pro uniform guarantees the following perks for you:

  • RFB Pro Premium Team Jersey w/ Custom Name & Number
  • RFB Pro Premium Team Shorts
  • Season-Long Warranty: Free Unlimited Replacements For Uniform Damage During Gameplay (Or Any Printing/Manufacturing Errors With Uniform), Allow 1-2 Weeks For Delivery


Payment Deadline For Uniform Fee

Fee Type Ammount Due Due Date
Draft Player Uniform Fee $50 8/16/2024 (Fri)


3. Team Fee (TM)

(Due only if you are drafted unto a team)

All players that are made active on a roster either through franchising, drafting, or undrafted signing will be required to pay their team fee. The team fee includes all costs associated with gameplay for the entire season.


What Does Team Fee Include?

Season registration guarantees the following perks for you:

  • 7 Regular Season Games w/ 3 Officials Per Game
  • All Games On Synthetic Turf
  • Top 6 Teams In Playoffs
  • ProStar Game (Allstars Only)
  • 4k Full Game Recap For Every Game (Available Same Week)
  • Team Photography Guaranteed For (At Least) One Game
  • Social Media Content Every Week
  • Sideline Reporter For (At Least) One Game
  • Live Sounds/Commentary For All Games
  • Tunnel + Fog Entrance For (At Least) One Game
  • Minimum $5,000 Guaranteed Championship Team Cash Prize (~$235 Per Player)
  • End Of Year Performance And Character Awards

We recommend all registered players do their best to attend as many off-season events as they can in order to get the most value out of their season registration.


Payment Deadlines For Team (TM) Fee

Fee Type (Select One) Ammount Due Due Date
Early Bird TM Fee $130 8/16/2024 (Fri)
Regular TM Fee $145 8/30/2024 (Fri)
Late TM Fee $160 9/13/2024 (Fri)

Franchise Player Fees

The following outlines the fee structure for players that have been franchised by teams.


Option #1 (two partial payments)

With this option, you can split your total fee into two easy payments. This is recommend if you require more time to pay your fee.

Partial Payment #1

Fee Type Ammount Due Due Date
Season Registration + Uniform $100 7/12/2024 (Fri)

Partial Payment #2

Fee Type (Select One) Ammount Due Due Date
Early Bird Team Fee $130 8/16/2024 (Fri)
Regular Team Fee $145 8/30/2024 (Fri)
Late Team Fee $160 9/13/2024 (Fri)

Option #2 (One Full Payment w/ Exclusive Discount)

With this option, you save a whopping $35 on your fees when you pay in-full by the franchise deadline. This discount is exclusive to franchise players only.

Fee Type Ammount Due Due Date
Registration + Uniform + Team $195 7/12/2024 (Fri)