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RFB XII is the 12th official “Pro” season of Reflex Football Battlegrounds (RFB), a men’s 7-on-7 contact-flag football league, owned and operated by Reflex Football LLC, and hosted annually near Atlanta, GA. Athletes from around Atlanta will be invited to play or will try out in order to get drafted onto one of our team franchises and compete in a 3 month season of intense football action and claim a $5,000 grand cash prize.

What’s New In XII?

Following one of our most fun and successful seasons in RFB XI, the league plans to pick up right where it left off in 2021, and, with RFB XII, we are determined to bring players the flag football experience they know and love, and do it bigger than we ever have. Some of what players can expect to see this year include:

Team Expansion

Two brand-new franchises have entered the league, taking our total team count from 8 to 10. This is the first time RFB has expanded it’s team offering since it’s very first year of inception in 2014.

Larger Roster

For the first time since the Pro era began in 2017, and by popular demand, RFB will be expanding the team roster size from 14 players to 16 total players. This will provide one extra franchise player and one extra draft player for every team in the league. This combined with the team expansions means one thing…this will be the biggest year of RFB to date.

Higher Quality Media

RFB is investing in higher quality equipment, as well as expanding our media team, to ensure we continue to push the standard forward for flag football and sports media.

Redesigned Uniforms

If there’s one thing RFB players know, it’s how seriously we take our uniforms every year. RFB is working directly with manufacturing as well as with each team to ensure we provide our best designs yet, and that we provide them to players as quickly as possible.

Desmond "DJ" Funderburg - Flag Football - Reflex Football - RFB XII - Tryouts - One Hand Catch

Player Fees & Pricing

Draft Player Fees

Required only by free-agent players entering the draft.

Draft Registration Fee  $40

Franchise Player Fees

Required only by franchised players.

Franchise Player Registration Fee (Due Fri 6/17) $40

Pro Season Fees

Required by every active player.

(Select One)
Early Bird Season Fee (Due Fri 7/22) $120
Regular Season Fee (Due Fri 7/29) $135
Late Season Fee (Due Fri 8/5) $150
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The Gameday Experience

You never know exactly what to expect in any given Sunday at RFB, one thing is for certain: you will have a fun and memorable time.  Some of what you can find on an RFB Sunday may include live commentary, delicious food, talented live performers, free giveaways, great people and vibes, wild football plays…like, really wild football plays, sponsor freebies, and more.

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RFB is hosted by the community, for the community. We are dedicated to providing an incredible platform and experience to the city and everyone involved with our brand. If you are looking to partner, sponsor, volunteer, or otherwise get involved, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Player Registration

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