Two years ago was the last time we organized to play football. Following our 10th season in 2019 (Pro X), we went into 2020, with confidence, that we were going to enjoy another great season of our league. We had just started planning and meeting to put together our best season yet (Pro 2020), until the world was thrown into disarray by the pandemic of the Covid-19 virus. We were left with no choice but to cease all of our plans and shut down the league for that year.

Now in 2021, vaccines have been greenlighted and much of our country has resumed operation, however, we are still very much dealing with the consequences of this pandemic. At this time, it appears impossible to host a full season of RFB in the same fashion as in the past.

After much deliberation, consulting with owners, and the drawing and redrawing of the drawing board…I have decided to execute on a new vision for the league, referred to now as ‘Reflex Football Battlegrounds‘ (RFB) (Formerly RFL, and RFB Pro). For our 11th season, officially “RFB XI” (pronounced ‘RFB-11’), we will combine the scheduling flexibility of tournament play, with the structure of a season in order to combat virus exposure, while still providing a unique, competitive, and exciting recreational football experience to the community. We are also integrating some new (and returning) experiences into the mix, to allow for more of our community to partake in RFB. This includes a powderpuff league, as well as a ‘pickup’ league. More details to come Wednesday, May 5th.

Specific and strict protocol will be in place to protect players and guests as much as possible from contracting and spreading the virus, but understand that it is impossible for us to make the virus disappear for good. Anyone who decides to play this season or attend games/events will be at risk of exposure, and will assume the risk of contracting this virus in which may lead to serious/prolonged injury, and even death. We encourage our entire community to take all the necessary and extra measures in competing and participating in a safe and responsible manner, if you decide to do so.

RFB XI will begin mid-August, and tryouts will take place late June. More extended details, and specific dates for the season will be revealed on Wednesday, May 5th, as well as the opening of our registration.

We are still in the process of planning and setup, and we are open to feedback and suggestions from our community. If you have questions, concerns, or ideas, feel free to reach out via our contact form.

A big, personal ‘thank you’ to all of our league, for all the patience and support that has been provided to us, throughout this time. It is our intent, with this season, to throw a bit of positivity, fun, and hope back into the community with this dark cloud that has been the pandemic these past two years. Can’t wait to see (& compete with) you all, soon.