Promote Your Brand, Support The Dream.

Sponsors play a pivotal role in any professional sports entertainment experience. It is through their generous support that a league is able to provide the best possible experience to it’s players and fans. 

RFB + Sponsors = success

RFB is a brand that prides itself on passion, excitement, and creativity. Our mission is to provide communities with the best possible flag football experience. In order to achieve this, we provide our sponsors ample opportunities to promote their brands, products, or services to our players and fans through a variety of print and digital mediums, in exchange for the support required to sustain and enhance the RFB experience. 

Creative Content

If it’s one thing we’re confident in, undoubtedly, it is our ability to market through the creation of unique and engaging digital content. Quality content is a vital marketing asset for any business in today’s digital world.

We provide sponsors opportunities to collaborate on the creation of digital content to market and promote their brands, while fitting seamlessly into the RFB content ecosystem to be viewed by our thousands of fans online.

Types of Sponsorship

RFB offers three distinct types of sponsorship including: 

League Sponsorship

Involves sponsoring the entire league brand, or a specific aspect of the league/business. Ideal for online businesses, global brands, and local businesses.

Team Sponsorship

Involves the sponsoring of an individual RFB Pro team franchise. Ideal for local businesses and small businesses.

Player Sponsorship

Involves the sponsoring of an individual RFB Pro player. Ideal for clothing and athletic brands.


Inquiry Form

RFB is dedicated to forming mutually beneficial sponsorships/partnerships with local and online businesses and brands. Please use the form below to submit any inquiries or ideas regarding sponsorship/partnership with RFB.