This list includes the top 10% of all players from the previous season of RFB Pro that are generally considered around the league to be the most impactful competitors. This list is in no particular order. Some players are selected based on positional impact, some based general athleticism, and some based on statistical performance.

Chase Noonan [JKB]
Anthony (Ant) Davis [PAC]
Derek (Stixks) Stidwell [SHI]
Dlo Smith [GDZ]
Prentice (PJ) Stone [GDZ]
Dondre (Dre) Purnell [PAC]
Andrew (Drew) Heyward [JKB]
Cameron (Cam) White [GDZ]
Justin (JB) Brown [GDZ]
Nick Dew [SHI]
Dakari (Kari) Johnson [SHI]
Demetrius (Meech) Brown [VEN]
John (Greg) Zellner [VEN]
Terence (TJ) Bulock [PAC]
Tre Lewis [GRE]
Trevor Campbell [VEN]

This league was formulated, reviewed, and confirmed by the league’s official ranking committee. If you wish to make any serious objections, please email: