Confirmed just this afternoon (Wednesday 3/22/2023), Guardians (former) owner, Dwayne Earle, has agreed to transfer full ownership rights of the Guardians flag football team franchise to league veteran and season XII champion, Terence (T Will) Williams. T Will has also confirmed he will be executing an immediate franchise rebrand to change the name, colors, and logo for the team. The new brand will be revealed at a later date.

This acquisition is significant as the league currently has the highest level of general interest in franchise ownership this year as compared to other years. There are currently five other individuals remaining on the official waitlist for ownership in RFB Pro, and over a dozen others who have inquired about ownership in the past calendar year.

Terence has been competing in the league since 2017’s RFB Pro 8 season, where he was drafted as a rookie to team Venom, the same team who would go on to win not one, but two Premier Championship titles within the league, in seasons 10 and 12 respectively. Terence has also served as the league’s official Power Rankings writer for several years and became the winner of the “Definition Of A Pro” award during last year’s (2022) RFB awards ceremony.

Commissioner Daniel Nwandu had this to say about his approval of the transfer request:

Mr. Williams has been an active and involved player and analyst in RFB, and appears to have the credibility, support, passion, and intellect required for the position. In reaching out to notable officials and even other owners around the league, it seems there is a unanimous thumbs up to bestow the position onto Terence. Given than, I will be trusting him to not only handle all the administrative responsibilities of ownership, but also to lead a team of guys towards excellence on and off the field, and in doing his best to uphold the values of RFB by ensuring a fun and positive experience for his team’s players, fan base, and the league overall.

The Guardians flag football team was founded by the former owner, Dwayne Earle, right before the start of RFB season 12 (2022). The franchise was able to recruit numerous rookies to the league and did a flawless job in handling their administrative duties. However, this success did not transfer to the football field as they would struggle heavily in competition, not being able to win even one game the entire season. Most league analysts credited this failure mostly to significant inexperience across the team’s roster. Although initially determined to rebuild his franchise and return to compete again this year, Dwayne ultimately decided it would be best to forego ownership of the team.

When asked, he spoke only briefly about his reasoning for handing off the keys to his franchise mentioning a lack of time as being the main reason he decided to agree to the transfer.

This acquisition, however, has been no easy feat for T Will as he, just like others, had been seriously inquiring about ownership in the league since last year. Being aware of the current high demand for ownership and the league’s refusal to allow for an expansion this year, Terence decided he would go directly after the franchise he felt he had the best chance at being able to convince in agreeing to a direct transfer of rights. This type of acquisition is considered one of the most unlikely ways of acquiring a team because it requires an owner to quite literally hand over the keys to their franchise to another individual without any monetary compensation for doing so. This individual would then need to be approved by the league’s commissioner, the league’s directors’ board, and finally by the league’s owners’ club board before they could be allowed to receive the rights for the team.

Even when faced with all these challenges and hoops he would have to jump through, T Will did not allow it to deter him and would remain persistent in communication with both Dwayne and the league’s commissioner over the course of months…just in order to put himself in the best position to snag himself a team. In the end…he prevailed in convincing Dwayne and the league that he is fit for the role.

Winning two premiers with Venom just isn’t enough anymore. Time to take on a new challenge. End of an era 🕷️🪦🤫

Terence (T Will) Williams statement regarding new role as Owner of Guardians Flag Football Team

The league is excited to see what Terence will be able to achieve for his new team in his new role, as well as how this will impact the league overall. We are still over a week out just from opening registration for RFB Pro, and it’s looking to be the most competitive year of football yet for the league. Stay tuned for more.