RFB is gearing up for it’s 10th official season in what has been the league’s most prolific offseason since its launch in 2014. Pro X marks the first season of RFB Pro in which players seeking to tryout for the league must receive an official invitation in order to tryout and be drafted. It is a league mandate that players entering the draft must participate in at least one official league tryout prior to the draft.

RFB Pro X will feature two tryout events, taking place on Sunday, April 14th, as well as on Sunday, April 28th.

Tryout Fee: $20 (paid only once)

Once the tryout fee is paid, the player may attend either or both of the league tryout events (yes, we do recommend attending both).

How do you receive an invitation?

Players may either receive one of 50 invitations provided by the league or receive an invitation from one of the RFB Pro teams (each team is allowed 10 total invites).

League Invitations
In order to receive an invitation from the league, players must apply for an invitation via the league tryout application form by Friday, April 12th.

Team Invitations
RFB Pro franchises decide on an individual basis as to how they wish to allocate their 10 invitations.

RFB Pro X League Invites

This is an official list of players that have received a League Invitation to tryout for RFB Pro X.

AlphabetJtMariettaGaWide ReceiverNoSeason I - Season VII, Pro 9
BarclayTrezMariettaGaWide ReceiverYes
BelisleDwightStone MountainGaWide ReceiverYes
BellTyrellHamptonGaSafetyNoSeasons I - VII, Pro 9
BulockDermontMariettaGaWide ReceiverYes
BurksQuarvoisierMariettaGaWide ReceiverYes
ButlerGerardLawrencevilleGaWide ReceiverYes
CarswellJustinAtlantaGaCornerbackNoPro 8, Pro 9, League Tournament(s), League Miniseason(s)
CasonJoshuaKennesawGaWide ReceiverYes
CodyJeromePowder SpringsGaWide ReceiverYes
ComptonWillKennesawGaCornerbackNoPro 8, League Tournament(s), League Miniseason(s)
CownJosephCantonGaWide ReceiverYes
EvansDorshaNorcrossGaRunning BackYes
Fraser IIMichaelMariettaGaWide ReceiverNoPro 8, Pro 9, League Tournament(s), League Miniseason(s)
FrazierGlennAustellGaWide ReceiverNoPro 9, League Tournament(s), Charity/Exhibition Game(s)
GilfordMylesStone MountainGaQuarterbackNoPro 8, Pro 9
GouldTristanKennesawGaRunning BackYesLeague Tournament(s)
Hagler jrJamesAtlantaGaRunning BackNoPro 8
HarrisJacariAtlantaGaWide ReceiverYes
HepburnMalcolmAtlantaGaWide ReceiverYes
HeywardBrandon “Batman”DallasGaLinerusherNoPro 8, Pro 9, League Tournament(s), League Miniseason(s)
JeffriesJamesStone MountainGaWide ReceiverYes
JohnDanielMariettaGaBlocking Tight EndNoPro 9
JonesLeonStone MountainGaCornerbackNoPro 8, Pro 9
LandoBrennanCartersvilleGaWide ReceiverYesCharity/Exhibition Game(s)
LeDayTimothyPowder SpringsGaWide ReceiverYes
LeeRonanAustellGaRunning BackNoSeason I - Season VII, Pro 8, Pro 9, League Miniseason(s)
MartinJakeemConyersGaRunning BackYes
MartinsFaudMariettaGaWide ReceiverYesCharity/Exhibition Game(s)
MaxwellJavinStone MountainGaBlocking Tight EndNo
McLemoreJahlilDunwoodyGaWide ReceiverYes
PeckRamelLithoniaGaWide ReceiverYes
RobinsonIsiahLithoniaGaRunning BackYes
RokinsChazWhiteGaRunning BackNoSeason I - Season VII, Pro 8
StancilTreyvonEllenwoodGaWide ReceiverYes
SymonetteBrandonKennesawGaCornerbackNoPro 9, League Tournament(s), Charity/Exhibition Game(s)
ThomasLatraviousMoultrieGaCornerbackNoPro 9, League Tournament(s)
TownsKennethAthensGaWide ReceiverYes
WalkerKelceeAustellGaWide ReceiverNoPro 9
WrightAnthonyAtlantaGaWide ReceiverNoPro 9, Charity/Exhibition Game(s)