It was announced yesterday morning via RFB’s Instagram that RFB Pro’s 10th official season (aka Pro X) will be hosted at North Cobb High School‘s Emory Sewell Stadium in Kennesaw, GA.

We literally could not have asked for a better field…We have turf every week, every game, all season long, and in the city where this all started…It’s surreal. It’s hard to grasp what we had to go through for years with other coaches, facilities, and just dealing with Cobb County every year. I am just grateful to God and our support system for making this possible. I fully intend for this to be a mutually beneficial relationship with the school and program, as we do have plans to bring our creative talents to assist with the marketing for North Cobb’s football program. This is a huge win not just for our league, but our community of whom may finally get to experience RFB Pro at its full potential.

Daniel Nwandu, RFB Pro Commissioner

Emory Sewell is a truly beautiful stadium, conveniently located in Kennesaw (~30 minutes north of the city). The stadium features a full-synthetic turf field (where all RFB Pro X games will take place), bleachers, restrooms, outlets, scoreboard…everything required to host the RFB Pro experience to it’s fullest potential.

It is important to address that the league is truly lucky and fortunate to be able to host this experience at this facility. It is imperative that the league (coaches, volunteers, players, and fans) does it’s absolute best to treat the North Cobb facility with the utmost respect and care and refrain from any activity that may jeopardize this relationship. We will absolutely enforce a zero-tolerance policy on violence, as well as weapon, drug, or alcohol possession on campus. These infractions have no place in the league, and no single incident is worth jeopardizing this experience for our community.

I owe a sincere special thanks to Quay Mack (aka Route Master) for putting in the good word and providing us the opportunity to negotiate a deal with the Football Program. A big part of me is still fighting to contain my excitement for this season, but we are looking pretty good so far. This should only motivate our executive team and franchise owners to continue working hard to bring this experience together. Stay tuned.

Daniel Nwandu, RFB Pro Commissioner

RFB Pro X will begin Sunday, June 2nd. Tickets and season passes will be available for purchase next month.

Want to play RFB Pro? Visit our registration page to apply for an invitation to our tryout next month.