Announced via Reflex Football’s instagram on Monday (June, 21st 2022), RFB will be partnering with D1 Training Sandy Springs to provide better testing equipment, coaching, and procedure for RFB’s upcoming XII Pro Combine.

D1 Training

The partnership was made possible by league veteran pro and season XI champion, the grinder’z very own Nick Dew. Nick has been a player in the league since RFB’s Pro X season. Nick has expressed how much he enjoys the league and is willing to do whatever he can to help grow and improve the experience.

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Nick Dew, Linerusher For Team Grinderz

Nick is a certified trainer at D1 Training Sandy Springs and will be using his professional experience to lead players through warm-up and drills during RFB’s combine event. D1 Training will also be providing laser testing equipment for the 40yd dash as well as a vertical jump measurement tool to accurately asses players seeking to get drafted in this years season of RFB.

Statement from the league:

“I’m expecting this year’s combine to be our best and our most competitive yet, naturally, and excited to see the impact on testing and scouting that this partnership will provide. Thank you Nick Dew, and to D1 Training Sandy Springs, for supporting our vision and mission.”

Daniel Nwandu, Commissioner, RFB