Tell us a little about yourself. (where are you from, where did you go to school, what are you studying, and life goals)

First and foremost, thank God for the blessings. I am a Muslim and was born in Fairfax, Virginia. My family’s origin is Afghanistan, so I am Pashtun with a mix of a few other races/cultures. I am an engineer and tech entrepreneur looking to bring benefit to humanity through the implementation of sustainable, advanced technology for solving global issues in the water, agriculture, and energy sectors. I am currently working on pilot projects with my team – to prove the efficiency of membrane technology for specific processes and applications, and we’re making our way towards future projects. God willing. This includes designing, fabrication, and operation. I am also a graduate from Georgia Tech and am currently a Ph.D. Candidate there as well. I want to maximize my lifespan so that I can bring benefit to the globe before it’s my time to go. “Death is certain, tomorrow is not – maximize your time.”

What inspired you to own your own RFB Pro franchise?

I own an RFB franchise (Legion) to show these other franchise owners how it’s done – haha jk. I have been a part of RFB from seasons 1-8, including 3 Premier Championships as a QB and Captain (tied for first place in RFB history). After winning the Premier Championship in season 8, I retired from the RFB along with Legion. After a few negotiations with Tony Gasparro (Legion’s new captain), I decided to bring Legion back with a stacked team! I felt it was only right to continue the Legion legacy and become the first team to win 4 championships. I found the right captain and team. God willing!

What is your team’s identity and philosophy?

Our team stands for leadership, chemistry, calculated decision-making, massive action, and holding oneself to a high standard of character. Legion believes in playing smart and methodical and utilizing strategy to win games.

Why do you think your team has a shot at winning a championship? 

We are STACKED! Thank God. Legion focuses on chemistry and then athleticism. Thank God – we have both! #staytuned

Who is your team’s rival(s)?

Goon Squad (no longer active in RFB) was our rival. Shout out to them. What a team.

What do you love about RFB?

Love the competitiveness and physicality in RFB. Love the strategy and the comeback victories. Love the storylines. 

What do you or your franchise plan on adding to the RFB experience? 

Big plays, smart decisions, and a little flavor! Legion will continue to represent its culture in the RFB. We hope to excite the fans with big plays and sharp decision making. We hope to shut down competition, humbly.

How can we follow or learn more about you?

There will be more ways to follow/learn about me, but for now, you can follow me personally on IG: @jahnkhan1. You can follow the Legion franchise on IG: @rfb_legion.