Tell us a little about yourself. (where are you from, where did you go to school, what are you studying, and life goals)

My name is Cameron Johnson and I’m from Albany, GA. Southwest Georgia if you’ve never heard of it. I went to Westover High School, then moved 3 and a half hours from home to attend THE Kennesaw State University. There, I pursued a degree in IT Information Security and Assurance which I completed in Summer 2018!  As for my life goals, honestly, I’m just trying to stop working (or doing things I consider work) as young as possible. This means investing in the right things, people, starting my own business, and getting involved in passion projects that can carry me for the rest of my life.

What inspired you to own your own RFB Pro franchise?

An abundance of time, faith in a friend, and a 5-hour conversation inspired me to own an RFB Pro franchise. We are the Archons, we are Royalty, and that’s the mindset we’re going to have on and off the field. “Kings with a Common Touch” is how I want us to be viewed. We’re humble, respectful, and friendly, but when you see us on that field…understand we mean business.

What is your team’s identity and philosophy?

My franchise players are selfless athletes who know how to move as a cohesive unit. They know their roles and are of a common mindset. That type of discipline takes you far in a game like this.

Why do you think your team has a shot at winning a championship?

The Archons will bring even bigger plays and big names to the Pro experience and be the team everyone will want to follow. 

Who is your team’s rival(s)?

Being a champion is Earned NOT Given, so we don’t have any rivals. 

What do you love about RFB?

What I love about RFB is the energy and investment Fondu has transcended into everyone involved. The hype is building and I’m excited to see how all this will pay off.

How can we follow or learn more about you?

You can follow us @rfb_archons for all team-related updates.