The legendary quarterback, and founder of the (late) Dukes Franchise, Joey Fahey, aka Joey Football, has confirmed with league officials that he will be making a return for the highly-anticipated RFB Pro X season. However, Mr. Football will be returning as just a player for this season, stating “Don’t got any room for that stress in my life lol”.

Given the extremely high value of a capable quarterback in RFB Pro, as long as Joey displays any level of still-got-it-ness in the Pro X combine, he will be a shoe-in for a first round pick this year.

Joey Football posses a number of qualities that will make him the perfect selection for any team seeking a quarterback, including (but not limited to): a cannon arm, pocket-escapability, superior intellect, and a ton of RFB experience. He is a fierce competitor, and definitely someone who can significantly add to any team’s roster.

Check out some Joey Football action from RFL season VII

Look out for Joey Football in Pro X!