Reflex Football

The premier hybrid-football sport.

Reflex Football

Reflex Football is a sport featuring a unique combination of rules from major football sports including tackle football, flag football, and 7-on-7s to create the ultimate hybrid-football sport.

Major rules include:

  • 7-vs-7 : There are a total of 7 players on each side of the ball during play.
  • 80×44 Yd Field : An RFB field is 80 yards long by 44 yards wide, and features 10 yard end zones.
  • 60-minute Game Clock : Each RFB game is 60-minutes long featuring 2 30-minute halves and a 10-minute halftime. Clock stoppage only during final 2 minutes of play of each half.
  • Contact-Flag Football : RFB allows several forms of contact during play including: blocking, jamming, and stiff-arms (torso-only).

For more detailed information on the sport of RFB, check out the RFB Pro Rulebook.

The League

Reflex Football Pro (RFB Pro) is a men’s 7-on-7 contact-flag football league hosted by RFB. RFB Pro takes place in Atlanta, GA, and features eight RFB Pro teams competing in a summer-long season, all battling it out to play in, and win, the RFB Premier Championship. This league features an annual invitation-only combine/tryout event, a live players draft night event, exclusive uniforms by RFB, film and highlights, and much more.

Pro X Information

The Brand

The RFB brand is dedicated to promoting health, creativity, and entrepreneurship in communities all around the world. Football is more than just a game…it’s a way of life!…Ok, maybe not for all of us…regardless, football players understand as well as anyone the numerous, vital, life lessons learned on the football field. These lessons include the hard work, dedication, and commitment required to persevere when trying to achieve a goal, as well as teaching us teamwork, communication, and selflessness…vital qualities of the individuals of any successful team. We apply our values in all that we do regarding this brand, and continue to push the limits, inspire our community, and spread positivity into the world.

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