The Premier Reflex Football League Experience

Reflex Football ( https://rfbpro.com ) is a 7-on-7 hybrid football sport combining rules from tackle football, flag football, as well as 7-on-7s to create the ultimate competitive non-tackle football sport. RFB Pro is the most competitive men’s reflex football league, taking place every summer in Atlanta, GA.

RFB Pro consists of 8 teams with 14-man rosters featuring Atlanta’s most competitive non-professional football athletes (ex-high school stars, collegiate athletes, semi-professional football players, indoor football players, etc.). Each RFB Pro franchise will sign up to 7 players, out of their 14 total allowed roster spots, prior to our draft; in RFB Pro, these pre-signed players are referred to as Franchise Players. Each team must then select their remaining 7 players through the official RFB Pro Draft.