Trez Barclay

Wide Receiver (WR)
Registration Type: Draft Player
City: Marietta
State: GA
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 180
Tryout Number/Description:
19. The guy with the dreads flying around the field making plays…yeah that’s me!

I’m a dog!! I love to compete and challenge myself. You gotta put the work in to get your slice of success. I’m all about working harder than I did yesterday.

Cornerback (CB)
Linebacker (LB)
Running Back (RB)
Safety (S)
Wide Receiver (WR)

Great hands
Can catch footballs with one hand
I moss DBs daily
Great flag puller
Ball hawk
Excellent Leader
Big sh*t talker
Good sport
Great/selfless teammate
Ready to pay my fees
1st round talent
Football/sports nerd
Can hype my team up during games
Hates filling out registration forms with unnecessary questions