Treyvon Stancil

Wide Receiver (WR)
Registration Type: Franchise Player
Team: Jakkboys
City: Ellenwood
State: GA
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 140
Tryout Number/Description:
#2, lightskin with the green shorts

Im a team player and i will do to help my team be successful. Ik i can play my part and watch over my teams mates i look at this as a family and i always got my brothers back. Im a play maker and ik i can make players when need i can handle the pressure and i will learn from my mistakes. I want to win and learn and enjoy myself playing the sports i love.

Cornerback (CB)
Running Back (RB)
Safety (S)

Fast af
Great hands
Great route runner
Great flag puller
Ball hawk
Big sh*t talker
Good sport
Football/sports nerd
Will volunteer for a couple games 😉
Can hype my team up during games
Gives great halftime speeches