Jacari Harris

Wide Receiver (WR)
Registration Type: Draft Player
City: Atlanta
State: GA
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 175
Tryout Number/Description:

It’s simple, I don’t lose…
Lol all jokes aside, thank you for inviting me out. I enjoyed competing against y’all and if I’m fortunate to get drafted, that team is getting a playmaker with a dog mentality. #RFBROTY

Cornerback (CB)
Linebacker (LB)
Running Back (RB)
Safety (S)
Wide Receiver (WR)

Strong af
Fast af
Shifty af
Great hands
Great route runner
Great flag puller
Ball hawk
Big sh*t talker
Good sport
Great/selfless teammate
Ready to pay my fees
1st round talent
Football/sports nerd
Remembers that Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 12th! (you’re welcome)
Will volunteer for a couple games 😉
Can hype my team up during games
Hates filling out registration forms with unnecessary questions