Isiah Robinson

Running Back (RB)
Registration Type: Draft Player
City: Lithonia
State: GA
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 198
Tryout Number/Description:

Any team looking to draft me will get A physical guy. I can block very well and I can also rush a quarterback. My original position is running back. I am very quick in shifty with the ball. I have good hands and can play inside or outside receiver. I can also play linebacker and corner very well. I am a student of the game so I will pick up anything very fast. I am a very hard worker and I make Big plays no matter where I am at.

Cornerback (CB)
Linebacker (LB)
Linerusher (LR)
Running Back (RB)
Tight end (TE)
Wide Receiver (WR)

Strong af
Fast af
Shifty af
Great hands
Great route runner
Can catch footballs with one hand
I moss DBs daily
Great flag puller
Ball hawk
Great throwing arm
Excellent Leader
Good sport
Great/selfless teammate
Ready to pay my fees
1st round talent
Football/sports nerd
Remembers that Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 12th! (you’re welcome)
Will volunteer for a couple games 😉
Can hype my team up during games
Gives great halftime speeches