Head Official (HO)

Field Position: 5-10 Yds Behind the QB

– Responsible for play clock.
– Responsible for moving the Spot Cone.
– Will announce all game penalties via megaphone after confirming with other officials.

Line Official (LO)

Field Position: Line of scrimmage, Away Side

– Responsible for ensuring line is set and giving the ready signal as soon as all of offense is set.
– Watch QB to ensure they don’t throw after crossing the LOS

Forward Official (FO)

Field Position: Next 1st down / touchdown, Home Side

– Responsible for tracking spot of the ball on mid/deep plays.
– Responsible for checking player’s flags after they score a touchdown.

Clock Official (CO)

Field Position: Press Box

– Responsible for controlling game clock.
– Responsible for recording game statistics.

Officials Inquiry Form

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