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Welcome to the relaunch of the Reflex Football brand. We want to thank all our beloved fans, players, and staff that have supported RFB over the years, and we are excited for what we have in store for all of you this year. If you are new to RFB, we hope that you will join us this season in being a part of the ultimate flag football experience taking place this summer in Atlanta, GA.

New Design

The Reflex Football website has been rebuilt from the ground up. Our new website, nicknamed “RFB vX”, features an all new look, as well as new, long-awaited features.

RFB Merch

The most anticipated sports apparel brand launch.
RFB vX will (finally) feature the official RFB Merch online store where players and fans alike can purchase RFB brand streetwear and athletic wear.

RFB Team Shop

Order custom RFB brand uniforms and team gear for your intramural, tournament, or league flag football team.

Pro X Information

Information for RFB’s upcoming 10th official Pro season will be available at the launch of RFB vX. Stay tuned to find out how you can become a part of RFB’s biggest season yet.

New Content

The new RFB vX website features new, never before seen RFB content, with more to come after release.


RFB version X

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Reflex Football (RFB) is a premier Contact-flag football sport, brand, and league.