Reflex Football Battlegrounds

The Game, Redefined

The League

Reflex Football Battlegrounds (RFB) is an annual 7-on-7 flag football league event hosted near the city of Atlanta, Georgia, that combines rules from major football sports including tackle football, flag football, as well as 7-on-7s to create the most exciting, fun, and physical non-tackle football experience.

Each year, the best amateur football athletes from all over the state are chosen to join teams and compete against each other in hopes of leading their team to a league championship and claiming a cash prize.

For more detailed information on our rules, check out the RFB Rulebook.

The Brand

The Reflex Football brand is dedicated to promoting health, creativity, and entrepreneurship to communities all around the world. Football is more than just a game…it’s a way of life!…Ok, maybe not for all of us…regardless, football players understand, as well as anyone, the numerous and vital life lessons learned on the football field. These lessons include all the hard work, dedication, and commitment required to persevere when striving to achieve a goal, as well as encouraging teamwork, communication, and selflessness…vital qualities of any successful team or community. We apply our values in all that we do regarding the brand, and strive to push the limits in sports business, entertainment, and community development.