Introducing, RFB XI

$5,000 cash prize

For the first time ever, Reflex Football is sponsoring a $5,000 cash prize for the winning team of the RFB Premier XI championship game.

Reflex Football Battlegrounds, RFB XI, Flag Football Teams, Men's 7v7 Flag Football League, Atlanta, Georgia

New Teams

RFB will feature 3 new teams this year, as well as all new uniforms and color schemes for all eight teams.

new location

RFB is moving closer to the city this year to provide a more central location for players/fans. Details TBA

Flag football, but still football

RFB combines the rules of the three major football sports including tackle football, flag football, and 7-on-7s to create a cross-hybrid sport that maintains the excitement and physicality of football, while significantly reducing the risk of serious injury, most notably head-to-head collision injury such as concussions and CTE. Read our rulebook for more detailed rules and info.

Only the top compete

RFB is recreational flag football taken to an entirely different level. Everyone can try out, but only the most competitive will be drafted. The question remains…do you have what it takes?

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Film, Highlights, & Media

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Owner’s Club

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Operations Team

We are calling all creatives, sports-fanatics, and visionaries to become involved in building the world’s most unique, community-focused, recreational football experience. 

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